Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Couponing Success Tonight!

It amazes me how things change over the years, including my perspective.

I haven't been to the drugstores for a while now because it seems like every time I go they are sold out of the sale items, and my time finding the coupons that match the sale items was a waste because they are all sold out. 

Well, we were nearly out of pop, and I saw CVS had Coke on sale for 4/$13 this week with $3 back for your next shopping trip.  As my mother can only drink caffeine free Diet Coke, I expected the shopping trip would be pointless, it has always seemed that caffeine free pop is always sold out around here.

Not tonight.  I was able to buy 4 cartons of it.  As I was walking up to the counter, I remembered there was a candy bar that was free after Extra Care Bucks. So I thought I'd get one.  Not surprisingly, both boxes of qualifying candy bars were empty.  Or was it?  I checked more thoroughly.  Would you believe the candy bar was small enough that one was pressed to the front of the box and no one saw it?

So I got the candy bar after all as well as the four cartons of Diet Coke.

Times have certainly changed when I consider finding a sale item in stock a victory! 

(I used a $10 gift card I got free, so I paid $4.39 and got $5 back in Extra Care Bucks because I had the last quarter savings spit out at the register as well as my $1 for using my Green Bag Tag four times.)

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