Friday, October 16, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Falling while on the floor and more

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1.  My husband and I are in foster parent / adoption training.  We had three nights of classes this week totaling seven hours.  Because of the rural area we live in, we spent the same amount of time in the car traveling to the classes this week.  Fourteen hours in three days.  We had a two hour class on how to give medicine to children.  There were three hours on laws regarding foster parenting and adoption, and a two hour first aid class.

2.  We were certified in CPR last night.  The instructor neglected to tell us the dummies would move around on the floor until I was doing my test and leaned over for the rescue breaths and the dummy slid and I fell across it.  Nothing like being graceful!  Thankfully I passed even though I really messed up on my first rescue breaths.  My dad was an EMT when I was growing up and I was surprised at how much I remembered from his training -- I would sometimes go to class with him and sit and color or make a potholder from a loom and loops.  The few things I didn't know were things that have changed in the 30+ years since I sat in those classes with my dad.

3.  We ate on the run a lot this week.  Sheetz was a staple.  We stopped there nightly.  My husband did make a cake to take to class as well as a work meeting this week.  Last weekend I made chili.  I have perfected making it too spicy for others and so I get the whole pot for myself. :)  My husband surprised me thought and made potatoes and put chili on them, and finished up the pot I was planning on having for lunch the next day.

4.  I am running two giveaways on my blog.  One is for a This Heart of Mine bracelet from Paparazzi $5 jewelry.  The second is a $10 iTunes Gift Card.  When I arrived home from one of my classes the other night, I realized while I was in class a bot had been busy entering my iTunes giveaway, and there were over 3800 entrants (over 12,000 entries) that were void.  I am planning on writing more about this in a blog post soon.  Thankfully it was sorted out fairly easily, but was not something I enjoyed discovering at almost bedtime.

5.  The weirdest thing sold through my Amazon affiliate link this week was this Halloween costume:

6.   I had an incident with my glasses during CPR training.  Not sure what happened, but the ear piece was firmly on my glasses but was turned upside down.  (I wonder myself how I do these things!)  My husband got it fixed after the class, but I missed about 60 seconds of a video we were to watch, and the questions our instructor asked us about what was done wrong in the video were in that small little part.  Thankfully, I'm not going to have a wheelbarrow setting around for kids to get hurt on as I don't own a wheelbarrow, so better to miss those 60 seconds  of a scenerio than actual instruction

7.   We've had incidents with our water and our heat this week.  The part we need for our furnace came in today, but we won't be able to get it until Monday.  It's under 60 degrees in the house.  We had a small rain shower in the pantry this week thanks to a pipe under our bathroom sink that didn't want to connect.  Until we figure out what is going on with it, we turned the water to sink off and are washing hands, face, brushing teeth from the bathtub faucet.

Question of the week:  I'm planning a series on gifts to give people who are difficult to shop for. Who in your life is difficult to shop for?   (Demographic  please -- I am planning posts for the elderly / people who have everything, missionaries, guinea pigs and their owners, teachers).  Who would you like to see included in this series?

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  1. I find it hard to come up with creative/original gifts for the men in my family and pals in my life.