Saturday, October 31, 2015

We're Adopting and Ways you can help!

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

Big news!   We're paperwork pregnant!

The bad news is, the house we have been fixing up to make live-able (there was 60 year old carpet plus tons of other stuff that was bad for the lungs or just unsafe).   It's taken all the life insurance money I got from my mother.

So, we need to raise some money.

Here's some of the things you can do to help:

Obviously you can donate, but I prefer to ask as a last resort because I want to provide value for your money.

Garage sale:

We are wanting to have a huge garage sale to help out.  Clean your house and give your leftovers to us!  We also need a space to have this sale, plus storage for items until we do.


If you would like to help with the garage sale by setting up, taking down, advertising, providing items for a bake sale, etc.

We also need to finish getting our house up to code, so if you have any talents you would like to donate there, let us know.  (Everything from painting to electrical work to organizing!)


Have a hobby like crocheting, sewing, etc?  We would appreciate items that we could raffle off or sell either outright or by a silent auction.

Shop on eBay:

If you see something in Our eBay Store that interests you, we would appreciate your business.

Paparazzi $5 jewelry:

I recently became a Paparazzi Independent Consultant to help with adoption expenses.  If you would like to shop, host a party (including online parties), or become a consultant yourself, please visit to contact me.

Shop online:

These sites are affiliate links where we earn cash for your shopping AT

Just click here to start your shopping through Amazon.
Click Here to start your shopping at Zazzle
Click here to start your shopping at eBay

To Join uPromise (this helps us set up a college fund), to join mypoints (which helps us earn gift certificates), or to   just e-mail us at jenndiggy at gmail dot com

Join Swagbucks (this helps us earn SBs which can be used for gift certificates)
Join InBox Dollars and earn cash for yourself.
Join Ibotta and earn cash back for yourself from your grocery purchases.
Sign up for a Discover Card  (you will even get $50 back yourself with your first purchase within 3 months of signing up)
Sign up for SavingStar and save money on your grocery bills.

Also, we will need a bed in good condition, and anything else a boy needs, we're expecting to adopt in the 10 year old age range, so if you have stuff that would be appropriate for a boy that age, just let us know!

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