Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tips for planning ahead for recurring expenses.

Did you know that with some bills if you pay the year in full you can get a discount?   I do this with my house insurance, and I'm working towards being able to do it with my car insurance.  Here are some tips when you decide you want to go this route.

* Sit down and figure out what your expenses are such as income and property taxes, costs associated with Christmas, back to school, and even your family vacation.

* Write down when each of these expenses are due.  If you start this several months ahead of time, you can probably cut some corners and put enough back to pay one bill in full.

*Work on getting some extra income to add to this account.  This might mean extra shifts at work, having a garage sale, selling some items online, or babysitting.

*When that bill is paid in full, put the money you would normally be paying each month to that in a savings account so you can pay it in full again the next year.

*Continue thinking ahead as well as setting as much money aside as you can for your next bill that you can pay at once.

If you keep doing this, you will have less financial stress as the money will always be in the bank when you need it, and you will also receive a discount on some of your bills by paying in full for the year.

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