Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 for the win. . .and a little Rite Aid

I decided it was time I learned Rite Aid.  After asking a friend a bunch of questions last night, I then started figuring out the Video Values.  (Basically if you watch videos online you can earn coupons.)

So this morning I went to Rite Aid.  Had to ask for help finding the Sundown vitamins.  They didn't sell the Nivea Men's body wash at my store, and were down to 1 box of Cheez-its.  Then I picked up a wrong tooth brush (which I am going to return.  I can't imagine paying $5.29 for a manual toothbrush, but that's what it rang up as.)  I knew something was off but couldn't figure it out until I was out of town.  I wanted one that was $2.99 and got UP rewards back. 

So, the rest of my shopping trip went okay.  I got four bottles of Sundown vitamins and a tube of toothpaste.  Subtracting the $5.29 toothbrush since I plan on returning it, my total bill came to $6.33.  (Or 4 bottles of vitamins and a tube of toothpaste is only $1 more than a toothbrush!  LOL)  I got $6.99 back in Up rewards.

After an appointment, I went to a CVS I usually don't go to.  I was told they don't take coupons.  *sigh*.  I know the cashiers were complaining to each other when I left without buying anything since they "don't take coupons".  I try to keep copies of stores' coupon policies in my purse, and wouldn't you know, I didn't have CVS' policy with me.  I'll go to my regular one either tomorrow or later this week.

When I got home, I had four sweepstakes prizes waiting on me.

A coupon for a free SoBe
an Ashtray
a blog prize from General Mills' monster cereals.  A box each of Boo-Berry, Franken Berry, and Count Chocula, a trick-or-treat bag, and a $10 Target card.  (for those who are counting, I'm up to 103 boxes of cereal in the last week!)

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