Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanks GIVING!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm participating in the 30 day giving challenge. 

Over the years I've heard people say things like "I don't have the money to give anything to anyone."  Money isn't always needed.  I get tons of stuff free at stores.  You have talents.  I'm sure there's a couple who would love for you to watch their child for a couple hours.  You can pray for someone.  There's lots of ways to give that don't cost anything.  A hug to a friend going through a tough time.  Listening when someone needs a friend.  Saving Boxtops for Education for a local school.  Saving Coke reward points for a local school.  (If you don't have a school you are giving these to, let me know and I can give you the address of a school who could really use them.)

One of the ways I love to give is by getting free stuff either through sweepstakes or using coupons and being able to give them away.  I know some people won't ask for help when they can use it, so I try to give directly as well as many times through organizations who provide Christmas gifts and such to children.  A few years ago I was able to buy $1700 of games for $65.  They went to a few different organziations for raffle items to help them raise money ("Family Fun Night" baskets).  I gave some to a friend who didn't have the money to buy much for her children for Christmas.  (Se nearly cried as she left with about $200 of stuff.  My cost was about $5.)  When I see a good deal, I jump on it.  Did I need all those games?  No.  But someone could use them.  That I knew. Same with the cereal deal I did last week.  I was amazed at the number of people who asked me what I was going to do with all that!

Food banks are really hurting right now.  In fact, to encourage giving, the West Virginia lottery is doing a "Give and Win" food drive.  They do this nearly every year.  November 10, 2010 if you take a non-perishable food item into certain lottery retailers you'll receive a free instant scratch-off lottery ticket.  You can see the list of places HERE.   It think it's a cool idea to raise awareness of food banks!

The only thing I often get free I can't figure a place to donate is over the counter medicines.  I can give them to people I know, but other places won't accept them.

A few ideas for giving stuff you've gotten free:

  • Toilet paper:  churches, schools, Christian camps, homeless shelters, food banks, etc.
  • School supplies:  schools, churches
  • Food:  food banks, churches often help people who need assistance
  • Toys:  save for Christmas and give at Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, churches, schools can often use toys as prizes/rewards
  • Pet Food:  animal shelters, food banks (people often have pets even if they need assistance from a food bank)
Let's see how you can GIVE this week!  Like I said, it doesn't need to be something that costs money!


  1. I don't know about where you live hon, but here in Virginia there are area churches that have small food pantry services and they accept over the counter medicines. I've picked up Tylenol and Benadryl and things like that there before. You might want to check with the churches in your area.

  2. Visiting you via 30 day challenge. I agree with giving free time. My sister is a single mom. That is the greatest gift anyone can give her, is their time.