Friday, November 5, 2010

The Psychic Cash Register

I just returned from Walgreens.  I need to make sure I am not charged twice for the things I bought today.  I was expecting my bill to come to about $1.50 and it was over $6.  Upon investigation, the pretzel M&Ms rang in at $3.49 instead of $2.49.  Also, I didn't get the Register Rewards for buying 4.  (Buy 4 bags of 9.9 oz. M&Ms and get $5 back in Register Rewards.)

I pointed this out to the cashier,who by the way is my FAVORITE cashier there, she never complains about coupons and is so good about them and actually enjoys seeing how much I can save.  She then turned this problem over to the front end manager who insisted the cash register knew in advance I was going to use a $1 coupon and since I "can't use a coupon on a sale item" the cash register added the coupon to the price of the item.  I pointed out the cash register had no way of knowing this, and that yes, I could use a coupon on a sale item.  She said I wouldn't get a Register Reward back if I used one.  I said that yes, I could receive one even though I used one as long as they were issued by different companies.  She shrugged her shoulders and refused to do anything else for me.  I asked to call corporate (I left my cell phone at home.)  She asked if I would like to talk to the general manager.  Same song and dance about the register adding the coupons onto the price and the same Register Reward story.  I KNEW I was right.  (My grandpa used to love a poem that said "He who knows and knows he knows is wise, follow him."  In this instance I knew what I was doing and knew I knew.)  The manger finally said he did think it was ringing up at $3.49 instead of $2.49 because the holiday packaging was not included in the sale.

So we go to the shelves, get four non-holiday packages of M&Ms.  He still said I couldn't use coupons and a Register Reward, the register wouldn't let me. I was trying to explain I could.

So, I finally said, "Would you please try it just to humor me."  I could tell he didn't want to.  I added, "And if it doesn't work, I'll believe you."  So it was a showdown as to who was right.

Needless to say, I won.  Four  9.9 bags of M&Ms.  One package of Ramen noodles.  Four  $1 off coupons.  One $5 Register Reward applied to order.  Total came to $1.95.  It often takes about 10 seconds for Register Rewards to start printing.  I could tell he was feeling smug in that it wasn't going to print, but after a moment, I was able to say, "There it is!"  :) 

So, for my Walgreens wrap-up of the week:

Four bags of 9.9 oz. Pretzel M&Ms
Three packages of Ramen Noodles
One bag Ghiradelli chocolate squares
Fives boxes of Sinex
Five boxes of Nyquil
Two bottles cough syrup
One weekly local newspaper

Total I paid after coupons and Register Rewards:   $25.61 (includes tax)   Total I have in Register Rewards to spend next week:  $31  My receipts said with sales and coupons alone I saved $55.93.  So that's over $80 of stuff I got for $25, plus $31 back in Register Rewards.

I have been sick lately so the Nyquil is a welcome addition to the house!  In fact the other day I said to the cashier, "I've been going through this stuff like crazy lately."   He asked if I meant the Nyquil or Ramen!

Photo of my stuff:

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