Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Empty in Israel

Walking around Jerusalem, my friend had what I have come to realize as a profound statement.  When in Jerusalem, we were visiting the emptiness of the places around us.

The Garden Tomb?  We were not visiting the tomb as much as the significance of it being empty.  (In fact, I e-mailed my priest the next day I would have brought him a keepsake from inside the Garden Tomb except there was nothing in there.  He told me later the joke didn't dawn on him for a few days.)

The Western Wall?  Well, that's all that is left of the Temple.  The Western Wall wasn't why we were visiting that site, but the holy site that was destroyed.

Even when I visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial, the emptiness of the world because there were six million murders, that was what we were honoring.

The Mount of Olives was a defining moment of my trip.  Why?  Because I felt the emptiness in me beginning to be filled.

The emptiness around us is what we sometimes honor.  Be it an empty tomb, an empty world because people have died, or a missing building where God has been worshiped.

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  1. I think that visiting Jerusalem would be life-changing. You're right about the emptiness being where we are filled. Glad I stopped by from FMF today!