Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Mail Wrap-Up 3/17

It's time for another edition of my weekend mail wrap-up for the week of March 17th, 2012.

A slow mail week around here, but still some goodies in the mail.

Monday brought a $10 Fun Cash certificate.  I've gotten these before, and was disappointed to see that books are not included on the "fun cash"  (I've won "book cash" before, and to me books are more fun than a DVD.)  It's good on DVDs, CDs, electronics, toys, games, sporting goods, or a movie ticket.  I suppose I can find something to spend it on, but would rather have had "book cash".  :)  Yes, I'm a bookworm

Another win this week was The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season

Books in the mail this week were both ones I ordered, one from and the other from

They were:

Win Your Fortune in Prizes (Win With Lynne)  (I have wanted this for some time, it's about sweepstakes in the United Kingdom, so just a curiosity to me, won't actually HELP me learn about sweepstakes in any way, but something I've wanted to read.)  I was updating my Amazon wish list and saw a used copy for under $1 plus $4 shipping, so decided to go ahead and order it since it's been in the $15 range in the last year.


How to Be Found by the Man You've Been Looking For  -- Sounds like an interesting read.  Don't know if it will be helpful or not since I believe the author is single, but I have enjoyed reading some of her other books!

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