Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Simple Gifts

The Shaker Hymn says "'Tis a Gift to be simple, Tis a Gift to be Free", and sometimes the best gifts are just that -- simple thoughtful things from one person to another.  Good manners is an example.  Many times you don't realize the person has good manners, but you certainly realize it if they don't.  Manners help make the world a better place.  Giving things that are simple but of yourself are also wonderful gifts.  I remember the time  a friend called me on a day that holds lots of bad memories for me.  Every year on my birthday I wait for a friend to call me.  She only missed the summer I was in China and she was in Russia!  I remember a neighbor lady when I was growing up would sometimes see me playing and bring me a piece of fruit to snack on.  Small things can sometimes be big things to the person receiving it.  Think about what small thing you can do for someone.  I know lately some of the smallest things have meant a lot to us.  I've been in the hospital, my mother has been in the hospital and a number of things just haven't gotten done.  Someone to pick up a few items at the store was a huge help, as was someone willing to drive me to the emergency room the night I needed to go.  Why not think of someone who could use something simple done for them, pick up the phone and suggest it.  If you're going to the store anyway, why not see if someone who might have a difficult time getting there could use a gallon of milk or if they have enough eggs?  That might make their life a lot easier!


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  1. I agree with you that some of the best gifts are simple things that show you care and that help out someone. Great suggestions...I linked up behind you. Blessings!