Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Miute Friday: Bravey Crockett

Baby Crockett became "Bravey Crockett" to me.  He had more dental problems than any guinea pig I'd ever had.  I've been a guinea pig "parent" to eleven pigs, and I know when they are ready to give up and when they are wanting to keep fighting, and I was determined as long as he wanted to keep fighting, I'd keep fighting for him.  Through tooth trims, through having to be hand fed for over six weeks, he never gave up, and I wouldn't either.

When I was in the hospital for nine days last month, I kept thinking of him.  I never had pain so severe in my life as the raging infection in my jaw bone.  A month later, 9 days in the hospital, and 10 doctor visits later, I'm still not well, although I'm some better.  I can't help but worrying about finances as well, since I have no insurance.  But not being well, the most important thing to do is get well.

I keep thinking of Bravey Crockett.  He didn't quit fighting until his body started shutting down months later.  I miss him so much and wish he was still here to hold him and get some courage from him when my mouth is hurting so bad or I'm on another liquid diet, or have another doctor appointment.  He showed me how to be brave in the midst of medical problems.


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  1. What a blessing pets are. I'm sorry to hear about his troubles, but mostly yours. I will say a prayer for you. God bless you, and I hope you are well soon.

  2. Thank you for visiting on my blog - bravery is a matter of perspective, as you said. What one person considers brave may be routine for another. Hope you are better soon!

  3. oh, what a cute name! And a cute little guy to match it :) so sorry for what he and you are having to endure... you are drawing strength from inspiration and I bet someone is drawing strength from watching you!