Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Mail Wrap-Up

This week was a slower mail week than usual for me, at least it seemed that way as I made my way to the mailbox each day.

Here's the breakdown of what I got in the mail this week:

Life Application Study Bible NLT (sent to me from Tyndale House for writing a blog post)

Relearning Jesus: How Reading the Beatitudes One More Time Changed My Faith (I ordered this.  I was revamping my Amazon Wish List and realized that this was about as cheap as a credit on Paperback Swap, so I decided to go ahead and order it.)

FOUR coupons for candy bars.  Too bad M&Ms and Snickers both have chocolate in them.  Since I've been in the hospital, chocolate tastes disgusting to me.  (Win)

$10 Dollar General gift card (win)

Toastabags Reusable Non-Stick Sandwich/Snack "In Toaster" Grilling Bags, 2 Pack (Ordered)  These are the most amazing things I'd never heard of until I had won some.  Now I always make my grilled cheese (one of my favorite foods) in the toaster using these!

Not a huge week of surprises in the mailbox, but still fun stuff.  As sick as I've been and as behind as I've gotten on sweepstakes entries I'm afraid I won't be having as many wins for a while.  Now, back to bed. . .  really been exhausted lately.

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