Sunday, August 14, 2011

Book Review: Eager Star (Winnie the Horse Gentler)

This is book two in the "Winnie the Horse Gentler" series.  It is aimed at girls ages 8-12 and about a junior high girl who can make impossible horses into good ones.  Her mother has died, and she learned how to do this from her mother.

In this book, it's the start of the school year and her classmate, Grant, is to be riding in a barrel race.  However, his horse "Eager Star" doesn't want to cooperate.  She even bucks Grant off of her at one point in the book.  Winnie's job is to make this horse that is frightened and nervous into a winner in one week.

Also during the course of the book Winnie gets off on the wrong foot with her English teacher, and wouldn't you know it, but she turns in the WRONG journal to this woman, which doesn't make things any better for Winnie. 

She also plans a slumber party, inviting the most popular girls in school.  That doesn't go quite as expected for her.

This was an enjoyable book even though I'm not the target age range.  It is a quick read, and one that girls who love horses would be especially fond of.    I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

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