Friday, August 12, 2011

Crickets and Blue Jeans

I hate winter.  I really hate winter.  I loved it when I was a child, and we might get a month off from school, but as an adult this is no fun.

I started hearing crickets on July 20th.  Around here, we say the rule of thumb is the first frost is six weeks from when the crickets start.  If that's true then our first frost will be August 31.

I'm not one to like cooler weather.  It's 68* outside as I write this.  Already this week I have worn jeans.  I I like wearing shorts, mainly because it feels more acceptable to wear flip flops with shorts, and when I wear jeans I feel like I should always wear socks and shoes.  (And if it's cool enough to wear jeans, then my feet would be cold with flip flops.)

I didn't put my electric blanket away until mid June.  I'm wondering how soon I'll have to get it out.

I think I should live closer to the equator!

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  1. Jenn,its 8/14 and its like a fall day here in Chi-town. 64 out and I am freezing! Will be wearing long sleeves and pants when I go out this evening....Susan C.