Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: The Boy who Came Back from Heaven

UPDATE:  PLEASE READ THIS LINK.  The mother of the boy who was to have written this book has a lot to say about this book.  
The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. . . Not Quite

I was skeptical of this book before picking it up.  Am I skeptical now?  I have to say I still am somewhat about the parts of heaven -- I'm not sure anyone can really know what heaven is like until we die and not return to earth.  (The author claims that his son died, and he may have, but I'm not sure we can still really know about heaven until we're there permanently.)  But it doesn't matter  if you read this with skepticism or an open mind, this is a page-turner.  Although it's entitled "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven", it's more about the struggles the family encountered after the dad and Alex were in a car wreck and Alex became paralyzed. (One thing I noticed right away was the dad was talking on a cell phone while driving when in the wreck.  That bothered me a lot.  He blamed a dip in the road for him not seeing an oncoming car.  I realize the cell phone was probably only one contributing factor to the accident, as well as a chattery four year old in the back seat, but there was even a photo of how the road appears straight but really there is a dip.)  I did enjoy reading the account of how God provided for the family through their ordeal be it financial (although I was amazed the family qualified for government help with the medical bills since he has a psychiatric practice.)  Their church banded together like I've never experienced in any church I've ever attended, they provided food, people praying, people to help repair the house, get it ready for Alex to move back home, and more.  The parts about heaven?  It was only a tiny fraction of the book.  If you're reading this just to read about heaven, skip it as you'll be reading lots of accounts of hospital stays, medical milestones, and learning to adjust to a new life.  If you're interested in how a family survives a major crisis that changes their lives forever, this is an inspiring book.  

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