Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Older, but are we wiser?

Saturday was my 20th high school reunion.  While I didn't actually graduate with my class, they are generous enough to include anyone who spent any time with us to our reunions.  I left after 9th grade to go to a Christian school, then graduated early, so by the time my class was finishing their senior year of high school, I had finished my sophomore year of college!  But having gone K-9 with the same group of people, it still feels like they were MY class.

There were 80 who graduated as well as a number of us who spent part of our time in school with the class.  Of those, only 14 of us were at the family day of the reunion.  (I skipped the BYOB party because I'm not into drinking and didn't know if high school days would repeat themselves.  As it turned out, I should have gone to that as well!)

Although most people will see fourteen classmates in this photo, there are really 15 of us.  You see, when we were in sixth grade we had an invisible classmate and it drove our teacher nuts.  :)  The things middle school kids do!  (We also had an invisible classroom dog named George after our teacher.  We were always warned the dog had to behave or his name would have to be changed.)  It's a wonder our teacher stayed sane after our class.

A couple of my favorite photos:

I had to ride the merry-go-round to get this one.  The kids thought I was a load of fun.  After the ride, I wondered how I used to be on that thing so long!  That was the only moment of the reunion that I felt my true age!

Jason used to sit in front of me in English class, and I must say that's the only class I ever was regularly asked what I was up to!  He would turn around when the teacher wasn't noticing, make a joke, turn back around and look innocent and I'd be there laughing.  I was always so good in every other class, so we know who the REAL troublemaker was, don't we?

My friend Mary and I are going to the Women of Faith conference in Pittsburgh in October.  You can read about that on my Women of Faith blog post.  I really like this photo of the two of us, although it highlights how short I am!  (Or does it highlight how tall she is?)  :)

The day was a lot of fun, I enjoyed seeing people I hadn't seen in years.  Although, as you can see in this photo it maybe was a bit more fun for others than me:

Randy (on the left) was always the class clown and class flirt and time didn't change that!  He gave all of us tons of laughs on Saturday!  I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same!

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