Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Wild Cat (Starlight Animal Rescue Series)

When I started reading this book, I didn't realize it was book three of a four book series.  It is great as a stand-alone book, or if you're like me, now I want to read the whole series! 

Kat is in junior high, which is always a tough time in life, but to make it more difficult, she has cancer and it's not uncommon that she will vomit.  A lot.  So this is geared for girls 9-12 but because of that, I could just hear myself at that age saying "That's sooooooo gross!"  Of course, for a child with cancer, this would be a welcome book because I've not read that many books that have the main characted as a teen with cancer, at least not when it discusses the effects of treatment such as the vomiting and she does remove her wig at one point as well as deciding "which hair" to wear for the day..  Another major issue addressed is foster children and adoption. 

In this book, Kat is going to be adopted and she feels like everyone in her family has done something great and she doesn't deserve to be a Coolidge.  When a project at school comes up, she hopes it will proves she does deserve to be a Coolidge.  She and Fiona decide to start a service to improve the behavior of their classmates' cats.  Fiona has a cat that she calls dumb, and Kat takes it home to see how she can help it.  In the end, will Fiona reject Kat as she has her feline cat? 

I very much enjoyed this book, and I think most tween girls would as well.


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