Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: So Long Insecurity

 I'm not one to really struggle with insecurity, so I'm not sure I'm the best one to write a review.  However, I realized why insecurity probably isn't a big issue to me.  In the book, she talks about how once we depersonalize someone, we no longer see them as human, and they are larger than life in our minds.  I stopped to think about that.  If you were to look at my list of friends on a social networking site, you'd find authors, recording artists, missionaries, even someone who has done modeling as well as "average" people.  Yet, I still find these people "normal".  My friend who won a Dove Award?  I remember the time he insisted we meet for a class project in college in his car, and then us riding around the city while doing our homework.  I guess I'm unlike a lot of women and see the human side of people rather than the larger-than-life side.  That said, I'm not totally immune to being insecure, but even with her, I see she has strengths I don't, and I have strengths she doesn't.

While this is an area I don't often struggle with, it helped me understand a bit more the women who do.  The stories of crazy things women did because they were insecure was a very interesting section of the book, as well as what men had to say about insecure women.  I enjoyed the chapter on dignity, because I've rarely seen that addressed as it was in this book.  Most times I've seen it either as being proper or covering your body sufficiently, but Beth Moore took this a step farther and basically describes dignity as the opposite of self-esteem.

I would recommend this book to other women who struggle with this issue!

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